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    Our Story

ZeroSock really is the last no show sock you'll ever want.

  • ZeroSock is a bamboo no show sock that stands far above the rest.

  • Zerosock was born because the other sock companies just don't get it.

  • No show socks are supposed to sit just beneath the rim of your shoe and comfortably stay there all day...without sliding down.

  • We set out to do just that. In an all out effort to cater to any shoe style, ZeroSock has tailored a variety of different styles and cuts of our socks.

  • We have socks for anything from sneakers, to loafers, flats, and even heels.

The perfect No Show

Multiple Sock Cuts for Multiple Shoe styles

When we started ZeroSock 6 years ago, we realized that current no show sock solutions were not adequate.

ZeroSock uses a custom blend of bamboo and cotton to create one of the most comfortable and effective no show socks on the market.

ZeroSock uses a gel heel grip coupled with our proprietary sock welt to keep the sock from sliding down your foot.

ZeroSock offers 5 cuts of No Show Sock that are specific to the following shoe types:
  • Ankle High Shoe/Tennis Shoe
  • Tennis Shoe/Dress Shoe
  • Loafer
  • Flats
  • High Heels

Because of our options, we can confidently say we have all the shoe styles covered with one of the best quality socks you'll ever own.

We Believe in Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet!

Since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, that makes it a very sustainable material to use in our socks.

Our proprietary blend uses bamboo imported from Japan blended with cotton to provide you with a comfortable, lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking, bamboo no show sock.

We guarantee you'll love it, if you don't -- we offer no hassle refunds, returns, and exchanges.