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The Wraith

Our Solution for Sneakers

A little ZeroSock History...The Wraith was the first ZeroSock to hit the market!

This is our highest cut sock. It will serve most ankle high shoes.

The Wraith currently is only offered in Black for both men and women. We offer several sizes for all genders.

The Wraith is your solution for no show socks for ankle high sneakers.

Please check out our store for more information.

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Super Low

This is our second lowest cut. Designed for Mid-Cut shoes

The Super Low is our most popular selling sock.

We designed it with a mid-cut, so it serves many shoes well.

It will work best in sneakers, boat shoes, oxford style dress shoes, and anything that has a similar cut.

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Loafer Low

This is ZeroSock's solution for Loafers

The Loafer was designed to provide a no show solution for lower shoes.

The current no show sock options for loafers just weren't cutting it.

We have used our same beloved proprietary blend of bamboo and cotton and created a new no show sock style that will serve as a no show sock while also providing adequate coverage on your foot.

The Loafer Low comes in a variety of sizes and colors for both men and women.

Please check out our Store for more details.

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This is ZeroSock's Solution for Flats

ZeroSock launched the no show sock for Flats after hearing feedback from customers.

The ZeroSock Flats No Show finally provides an adequate solution for the lowest shoes.

Designed specifically with flats in mind, you can rest assured that this sock will not show and will not slip when you wear flats with them.

Currently offered in Nude and Black, and in multiple sizes.

Features grippers along the sock welt, along with a gel grip on the bottom so the sock will not slip at all.

Please check out our store for more info.

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Toe Capper

This is ZeroSock's Solution for Clogs and Mary Jane shoes

The Toe Capper was designed specifically for Clogs and Mary Jane types of shoes.

The Toe Capper is made of the same proprietary bamboo/cotton material.

The Toe capper features a grip on the bottom to prevent it from sliding.

The Toe Capper comes in a variety of colors.

Please check out our store for more info.

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